The first thing I did in my almost-starting-over-again was getting rid of all plugins and setting all the outputs back to the main stereo output. An organised human being would have just gone back to an earlier file but for some reason, I didn’t have one (the reason: I didn’t make one).

I left all flex-time and -pitch on because I was still very pleased with that. One reason I couldn’t stand my last mix was because Logic kept crashing every five seconds (and, yes, I did change the buffer size in audio preferences, thank you), so one of my main goals in this mix is to have as little strain as possible on the CPU of my poor little laptop.

One of the ways I have attempted to do this is to essentially “freeze” tracks by bouncing them in place. Logic Pro 9 had a feature that you could save on CPU by “freezing” tracks. This would (to my knowledge) bounce an audio file and play that back rather than going through all the routings of plugins and sends. It also meant, however, that you couldn’t change things to the track unless you un-freezed it, which took time and was hence really annoying. I don’t think Logic Pro X has this freezing feature, so instead I am going to be bouncing in place, saving as, and deleting the original. I’m not sure if this will have any affect or if it will actually just make it worse, but this is all a learning experience really.


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