I find Gojira’s drums very interesting as the kick has a lot of mids and beater sound. By itself, it doesn’t sound particularly pleasant but in with the rest of the kit and the band, it’s very effective and really fits in with the style of music.

To the kick, I added EQ, a noise gate, and compression. Then, I changed the output to a bus so that I could mix them together with EQ and compression.I tried having a bus on the kick sub, but it didn’t sound very good, and the recording didn’t have any bleed anyway so it seemed logical to just remove it.

I love the gated snare sounds of the ’80s such as in Peter Gabriel’s Intruder.

I inverted the bottom snare so as to minimise phase problems.  I added EQ, noise gate and compression to the both snare top and bottom and then sent the output to aux 2 to mix them together and glue them together with EQ and compression.

I hate toms. Nonetheless, I EQ’ed them, stuck a noise gate on them, and compressed them, and sent the output of both the rack tom and the floor tom to aux three to be mixed with EQ and compression.

For the overheads, I EQ’ed them and compressed them. I panned them to the extreme left and right for a wide stereo field. I then bussed some to aux 4 to be parallel compressed and sent the output of both the overheads to aux 5.

For the room microphone, I EQ’ed and compressed it. I then sent the kick, snare, toms, overhead, room and parallel compression tracks to aux 6 to become the drums track. I then mixed them all together with EQ and compression. The result is a thick drum track with lots of bright detail and punching low end.



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